Exercise Routine - How to Get Big Shoulders

Published: 21st June 2009
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Knowing how to get big shoulders and cover up people boney bits so always seem to stick out, is one of the most common questions skinny guys suffer when it comes to constructing muscle and gaining mass.

Big broad shoulders create an imposing and confident silhouette and can really transform your whole appearance. So, how do we get them?

Overhead Presses

Making overhead presses a part of your weight training average will supercharge your muscle gain and enable you to get big shoulders.

Exercises like the Shoulder Press, Behind the Neck Press, and the Arnold Press are superb for making big shoulders because they allow you to lift a heavier amount of weight than standard lateral flyes...and heavier loads mean faster muscle swell and higher shoulders.

When performing these types of overhead presses make sure you get someone to spot you, particularly through the behind the neck press. This will let you focus on lifting and help you to work to failure. Always warm-up and stretch your shoulders and huge upper person perfectly before performing these exercises, to steer clear of injury as they suffer a wide range of motion.


The old favourite, push-ups don't get the kind of favourable insurance who I think they deserve. That's probably because they're not considered sexy an adequate amount of in today's world of gadgets, pills and surgery.

Sexy properties may not be, but when it comes to results and making big shoulders, push-ups are pretty hard to beat as a non-weights home exercise that, let's are dealing with it can be performed pretty even anywhere.

In fact, when I was doing part-time office make it out during summers at College, I would do them in the filing room! :)

If you're stumped as to how to get big shoulders at that time you really should be causing push-ups a ordinary habit. They're great as a warm up or warm down at the gym, or any time you're away and can't make it. Try inclining your legs on a bench or the portion of the bed to work your front delts and upper chest significantly more.


Swimmers are renowned for their upper bodies and big wide shoulders, so rendering a leaf out of their book is a fantastic idea if you're looking for how to get big shoulders.

Swimming is not one and only a great mass constructing exercise but great cardiovascular training too. Make trips to your local swimming pool a portion of your weekly exercise routine, and always try to do more than the last time.

Make sure you mix up your strokes so that you get well-balanced muscle growth and development on your shoulders. You can get more fitness and nutrition information by visiting http://exchanged-links.blogspot.com

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