Exercise Routine - Build Big Strong Shoulders the Smart Way

Published: 02nd July 2009
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Building great looking shoulders can make you look stronger and fitter than you actually are. When you see a guy walking along with broad shoulders and a slim waistline, you automatically think of him as fit. If his posture is good and he carries himself well, you know that man has confidence.

Women also do well with strong shoulders. Wide shoulders on women give a healthy and vibrant look to their frame. Elite runway models are chosen for their wide shoulders, trim waists and attractive posture. It makes sense to focus on your shoulders at least once a week in your workouts.

The anatomy of the shoulder

The deltoid muscles move the arms away from your body. That's really their only practical function. The three heads; the anterior, the lateral and the posterior move the arms away to the front, up and away to the side, and to the rear respectively.

The three muscles give full rotation to the humerus bone and assist the biceps and or pectorals in pushing and pulling actions. The deltoids are also important in giving you the fit triangular shape that major athletes possess.

Genetics and muscle size and shape have been a controversial subject for decades but we do know that a protein called myostatin does regulate muscle mass in humans. Scientists believe that our genetic control over myostatin is a determining factor in our natural muscularity. If you naturally have big broad shoulders, thank your family.

The most popular shoulder related question that is posed to forums is "Which shoulder muscles do I work to get that big buffed look?" The answer is all three of them. Many gym rats will tend to work the front deltoids to death and sport the hunched over look due to over developed front delts. To avoid that and have a balanced appearance, carefully develop all three heads.

Six Grade-A deltoid exercises to build big shoulders

* Dumbbell shrugs
* Push Press
* Seated Shoulder Press
* Lateral Raises
* Front Raises
* Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The proper way to work your deltoids for maximum bulk is to vary the speed at which you do your reps and start by working the rear deltoids, then the top and then the front.

You'll be less likely to injure yourself and less likely to over train the front deltoids.

Another way to work your deltoids to avoid injury is to limit the amount of overhead presses. Take the time to start with light weights when working the shoulder muscles in order to train them properly. It does not take a lot of weight to get them pumping. Because of the many benefits of dumbbell training, I prefer them when training delts; cable exercises are also a good choice for isolating the deltoids for safe, intense workouts.

Recovery time is crucial for shoulder workouts as you'll want to give them enough time to rest and regenerate for the upcoming heavier loads. Treat them well and they'll reward you with admiring stares from envious passersby. You can get more fitness and nutrition information by visiting http://exchanged-links.blogspot.com

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