Exercise Routine - 50 Year Olds' Muscle Training Tips!

Published: 03rd August 2009
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The diet and the workouts required to build you body once you reach the age of fifty are quite different than what you might have practiced when you were younger. The body undergoes many chances with aging. Your bones become brittle which means you can't indulge in heavy weight training workouts. Your energy levels and levels of endurance decrease thereby reducing the amount of time you can work out. Other major problems include injuries and joint pains. These prevent you from working out over the age of fifty.

Useful Tips to Build Your Body

· The proper diet and a well-planned exercise schedule help sculpt your muscles. Age plays an insignificant role in muscle building. Inclusion of nitric oxide in your diet helps the process. It helps build muscle mass and performs the work of an anti-aging pill.

· Your emphasis should be on cardiovascular exercises and body weight training. Cardio incorporates running, jogging, swimming and hiking. Body weight exercises include squats, push ups, chin ups and dips. These should be performed for at least twenty minutes.

· You should restrict yourself to a maximum of 4 reps of each exercise like dumbbell press, lat pull ups, bench press etc. Never overwork your muscles so that you may avoid muscle related injuries. Include nitric oxide in your diet to boost the body's endurance levels as these facilitate in performing your workout effectively.

· Combine protein supplements in your diet along with nitric oxide. They help in maintaining the body's energy levels. Nitric oxide rejuvenates your body. Prior to the advent of nitric oxide people relied on Creatine to keep the body hydrated and pump their muscles. Creatine however lacks health benefits. You can get more fitness and nutrition information by visiting http://tinyurl.com/l7ed46.

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